Police arrest four UCU students over smoking shish, confiscate pots Julian

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Police on weekend arrested four students and confiscated a number of shisha pots in an anti-tobacco operation conducted jointly by the Uganda National Health Consumers Organisation (UNHCO) under the Ministry of Health in pursuit of implementation of the Tobacco Control Act 2015.

The operation covered Casablanca, a bar commonly known for harboring shisha smokers.

Statistics reveal Uganda loses about 14000 people annually due to tobacco misuse and it’s upon such statistics that led to the conducting of this operation.

The Tobacco Act put a ban on some tobacco products including Shisha (water pipe tobacco), Kubar and other flavored tobacco products.

The Act also banned the production, sale, and use of electronic cigarettes.

The law states that any person found guilty is liable to imprisonment of a term not less than a year or pay a fine of Shs480000 or both.

Although the ongoing operations aim at bringing to book every bar that sells tobacco products and consumers of these products, various bar owner’s decry of selective raids listing a number of untouchable entertainment places and bars across Kampala Metropolitan Area.

The suspects are currently detained at Mukono Police Station pending to be arraigned before courts of law on charges related to smoking shisha as stipulated under The Tobacco Act 2015.

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