“Please even if you don’t love just hold my hand small, let me feel alright”– Gateman pens love letter to a female boss


A gateman has lost sensory controls beating all the odds and damned the consequences by choosing to write a love letter to his juicy chanting female boss.

Suleiman who has been holding back his feelings for his boss decided to open up in a special handwritten letter flooding it with broken English.

In the letter which was shared online by @Kamiye__, a colleague to the lady in question, the gateman revealed that right from the very first time he set his eyes on her, he fell in love.

The bold man went further to state that if he was financially stable, he would have married her.

To persuade his boss to consider him, Suleiman said that he is poor now but he his fortunes might change someday and he could become rich enough to take care of her.

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Read his letter below:

Suleiman’s emotional love letter has since ignited a huge debate on Twitter where most gents have supported his move to reveal his long hurting feelings.
Adebisi [email protected]
replying to @Kamiye__In as much as we want to laugh, she may be sitting on a gun powder if she just decides to let it slide, the heart a man uses to love this much, it’s with the same intensity he will use to hate another man that comes near his desired woman, get rid of him ASAP.
Tosin  @tosin_olaluwoye
Replying to @Kamiye__We can’t be sure of his intentions but there this is absolutely in order. A guy has the right to ask, the lady reserves the right to say yes or no and both should be done with some respect for the other person. I hope your friend did not fire him because of this?
I Sell La
[email protected]_Samito: Replying to @Kamiye__Very humble human being. “Is your boy Suleiman”Even though he’s not rich or doesn’t write properly, this guy has expressed himself FULLY. One big problem many people still have till today- Inability to express themselves in words/text.

[email protected] Replying to @Kamiye__If this was else where in the world….. It could end up being a real love story. But pride and peer pressure won’t have none it!

[email protected]_Taiwo_Replying to @Kamiye__Actually I saw this on Facebook and I traced it down here… No one can really tell a true love but this man really mean what he’s saying… I beg you help us beg your colleague to give him a trial with all respect and if he worths it… Love is meant to be felt sis… Try him

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