People, organizer withdraw from the 1st December boat cruise, PortBell Luzira

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According to the boat cruise advert trending online that is organized by Daniel and Philip in conjunction with Trendz Lounge Bugolobi, this website has learnt that over 30 people have already pulled out from the cruise scheduled 1st December, 2018 from PortBell Luzira to Mutoola Island.

It was realized that most of the people that came across the boat cruise advert rendered it hoax as it has reached its apex in the time of mourning numbers of people that perished in a boat cruise accident on Saturday night at Lake Victoria.

It has also been believed that indeed fear is still too much for  people to further engage in a boat cruise, and when we contacted one of the organizers (names withheld) for the due cruise he denied saying for him, he already pulled out from the cruise due to known reasons by the nation.

“Me I pulled out from the cruise due to reasons well known by the all country. Contact my colleague.” He said via a telephone call.

His colleague, who never wanted his names disclosed, told this website that the cruise was organized long ago and people already paid their money.

“We organized this cruise since 1st October, 2018 and many people already paid their money.” He said.

The boat carries 130 people unfortunately some people like 30 have so far pulled out. He added.

When asked about the security requirements, engagement with security organs and state of the boat he said that the boat is for government and it’s their role to ensure security and proper state of it.

The cruise will take place and we are waiting for a formal communication from police. He reported to this website.

The nation is still mourning the numbers of people who perished in a boat cruise accident from Lake Victoria on 24th November where over 80 people died, 32 bodies have so far been recovered from water and over 60 still missing – the search of the missing bodies is still ongoing.




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