Pastor Mondo Mugisha is like a bouncing castle – Dembe FM’s Kaima

pastor Mondo Mugisha

Dembe FM’s radio presenter Kaima Shafiq has gone on loggerheads with Kampala’s famous pastor Mondo Mugisha. In addition, this followed after pastor Mondo appeared in on the video taking a nasty dig at men who go to the Gym. Therefore this raised various debates on social media platforms whether pastor Mondo was right or wrong.

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“You have no moral authority to talk about gents who attend Gym sessions. This is because you in person, you ain’t happy with your body shape. I don’t want to describe pastor Mondo’s body shape but I am forced to do so. In addition, he looks like an elephant, and also he resembles bouncing castles for our children. In fact, pastor Mondo Mugisha style up and work on your body fitness. Otherwise, you have no right to talk about our wealth,” Kaima Shafiq said.

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Pastor Mugisha Mondo
Pastor Mugisha Mondo

“Look at boys who spend most of their time in the gym lifting. In fact, I have never seen a man who so muscular with billions of money… This is because they waste much of their time in the gym making six-packs… hmm they are all broke and you will find most of them in the tax park because their whole brains are in the chest…,” pastor Mondo Mugisha said.

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Fortebet Uganda