“Omah Lay is an Idiot” -Cindy, Fans roast her and demand an Apology

“Omah Lay is an Idiot” -Cindy, Fans roast her and demand an Apology

Social media in-laws and Nigerian fans are not happy with the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) Vice President Cindy Sanyu’s statement. Nigerian singers Tems and Omah Lay held a successful concert in Uganda a few days back amid the COVID-19 restrictions on concerts… This sparked off a chicken fight on social media between the Ugandan artists and the government for allowing foreign musicians to perform while they are not…

UMA’s Vice President Cinderella Sanyu lost her temper and branded Nigerian singer Omah Lay an idiot… This however, annoyed most of the social media in-laws and the fans that love Omah deep inside their hearts…

“WhatsApp people, this is Cindy Babe, Definitely the King herself, I have something on my mind and I believe I have to just say it out…We as artists have been trying to stay calm for the good of our country because of this lockdown corona situation.

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Nigerian Omah Lay Preforms In Kampala Amid Covid-19 Restrictions On Concerts

However, while we were doing this, we have been the ones who have been ignored the most. This is because we notice a lot of sectors have been compensated but we the artists have not.

Hmm, in all our silence, a foreigner had a concert in this country and filled it up where there was no social distancing. In addition, the people did not wear the masks and this idiot [Omah Lay] went ahead and posted it online.

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He was even very proud that he had a very successful concert in Uganda, hehehehe. You know what’s funny, every time we come out and talk about these, the government rebrands us, hooligans. Therefore it’s official that I am now a hooligan because it’s not fair. Lord have mercy,” Cindy Sanyu said.

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