Oil: Communities demand for redress of emerging human rights issues

According to Immaculate Namukisa, a community liaison officer in Kakumiro, there is lack of transparency on the part of oil companies. nilepost
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Communities in the oil region have called for respect for human rights as companies prospect for oil.

She said that compensation was delayed due to various aspects that need to be addressed and the absence of approved district compensation rates.

She requested the community to cooperate and take a keen interest in who visits their community to minimize speculators, notify them regularly over any issues arising from project activities.

Brian Nahamya, a program associate at Global Rights Alert, said in order to ensure inclusive and smooth project implementation, local communities must be centrally positioned to reap big from the investment.

Nahamya said government and oil companies must inform the communities on key project aspects.

“It is through access to information that accountability, transparency, democratic engagement and meaningful community participation in decision making for the project is ensured,” he said.

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