Nobert Elber can’t kill Bobi Wine – Mr. Update defends him, fans React

Nobert Elber can't kill Bobi Wine - Mr. Update defends him, fans React

If you are a social media addict, I am pretty sure you have come across a video in which Nobert Elber Ariho is said to be the man behind the explosion yesterday… This happened when presidential hopeful Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine was trying to speak to the security operatives to calm down the situation… In addition, and stop firing teargas canisters at him and his supporters…

The video circulating on different social media platforms alleges that Nobert Elber Ariho is the man spying on Bobi wine… In addition, that he wants him dead however we can’t wait to confirm this because we ain’t security… Hmm, when Segirinya Muhammad alias Mr. Update saw this, he quickly came out and defended Nobert Elber Ariho.

“Nobert Elber Ariho be strong abo tebalinna kyebatugamba our enermy is m7,” Mr Update posted.

Meanwhile, different people have reacted on this matter…

Daniel Ruma: “But I think that grenade shd be investigated further…the distance it dropped makes me feel Maybe it came from a far….or that man released with minimal energy?!!!! So bad.”

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Amorah Power: “Ok let us leave the rest to time and God, because it is you guys who are always near our president then who is me Amorah wabwe okuwakana, let him stay strong anyway if he is innocent because I know how it feels to be framed”

Maria nakyanzi: “As a security person to Bobi, and he was there or next to where the bomb was thrown, just behind his boss. Let him come out and narrate the story. What he means he didn’t see wat really happened as a trained special guard.

Tuve mumuzanyo, oyo gwoyita muno. Kulusegere yakumaza omusu. Hon.Ssegirinya try to listen to peoples advise s muzekenenye. Bobi wa bulyomu ate bulyomu omukwatako.”

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Desmond Pamora Jupu Ogaba: “Whoever support what that is it wrong person you can’t tell us that your enemy is only museveni,don’t you know that the only way of putting someone down is through his friend is through the people who are in the same struggle so guys stay up whoever support that man’s activity is the wrong possum let him come out and tell that it was this and this don’t just say we have been in struggle for so long with the person and so you should trust the person without knowing the person you’re trusting how many people came in the struggle and now they are not with us ask them when one said we need to judge them by action what’s the space guys.”

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