No Allowance No Working, Nurses, and Midwives tell government

Uganda Nurses and Midwives Union

Uganda Nurses and Midwives Union has passed an ultimatum to the government promising to lay down tools unless their allowance amounting to Shs 70 billion is included in the 2021/2022 financial year budget.

The above decision was due to the fact that the government had failed to fullfil their earlier made promise according to the Uganda Nurses and Midwives president Mr. Justus Cherop Kiplangat.

“ To our dismay the government has come out to say the lunch allowance for nurses and midwives of this country is an unfunded priority and thus we shall not get it this financial year.”

Initially, the nurses had decided to strike at the being of this year but were held back by the promise made to them by the government. Each nurse is meant to receive fifteen thousand per day which has not been fullfiled since 2018.

This communication was passed by Mr. Justus Cherop Kiplangat in his 4th May dated letter. It stated that the only reason as to why they called off their earlier strike was due to the promise from government.

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“You will recall that we wrote a letter on October 1, 2020, to the government calling for a strike on December 31, 2020, over lunch allowances which we had been promised by President Museveni on various occasions,” the letter read in part.

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However, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Finance Mr. Jim Mugunga, the budget formulation is still underway so the nurses and Midwives do not have to worry about anything.

Unfortunately, many public servants are faced with the same challenge and it takes only a demonstration for their pleas to be heard. Hopefully, the nurses and Midwives shall receive their lunch allowances.

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