NBS TV’s Kayz is very unprofessional – BigEye StarBoss

NBS TV's Kayz is very unprofessional - BigEye StarBoss
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Faded artist BigEye StarBoss has furiously come out and lashed at NBS TV’s presenter Lord Kayz for his unprofessional conduct. In addition, during his show dubbed Uncut Sabula which broadcasts every Saturday at 7:40 pm on NBS TV. Ibrahim Mayanja alias BigEye was yesterday the 8th of August hosted in the Studios of NBS to talk about the leaked audio of Kaana Kambata.

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Hmm, Kanna Kambata is a nickname given to Uganda’s number one Semyekozo Edrisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo. Musuza leaked audio where he showed his dissatisfaction with National Unity Platform leader Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine.

Kayz is very unprofessional - BigEye StarBoss
NBS TV’s Lord Kayz

In this audio, Kenzo vowed to shift to another country provided Ugandans elect Bobi Wine as the next president of Uganda. In addition, he also revealed how the Ghetto president has never helped him throughout his entire music career. To make it worse, the Big Talent CEO also said he will support the NRM government instead of Bobi Wine’s party.

Therefore this audio went viral all over the different social media platforms thus calling for attention from different media houses and personalities. BigEye Starboss is one of the people who reacted quickly after learning about the release of this audio.

” Kenzo you are my brother but for this reason, we are not going to go to be on the same side. I won’t believe it because I know where we have come from and it’s too far. NRM men just want to use us to spoil our brands but they don’t like us,” Big Eye StarBoss posted.


Lord Kayz and Annatalia Oze decided to invite faded artist BigEye and Uncle Sendi who is an entertainment news analyst. In addition, on their show dubbed UNCUT Sabula to discuss more relating to Kenzo’s leaked audio.

Meanwhile, Kayz overreacted at BigEye Starboss saying that he (BigEye) is so special thus he should be treated like other Ugandans. He also went ahead and barked at BigEye saying that he is looking for public sympathy. Therefore he can’t say anything relevant to the public. Well, this pissed off Ibrahim Mayanja and immediately posted on his official social media walls… In addition to showing his dissatisfaction with NBS TV’s Kaysz way of conduct.

“I have never seen an unprofessional journalist like this so-called KAYZ of NBS TV. Am wondering where he acquired his communication skills. If he’s not paid to tarnish or disrespect then there must be stupidity behind his profession.Bali ku pay role naye kijja kuggwa,” BigEye StarBoss posted.

Other people also reacted…

If BigEye Starboss is not special, then why did you invite him on your show? Let’s learn to respect one another,” Ntambi Jimsal, a BigEye diehard commented.

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