Museveni Cautions NRM Politicians Against Bribery and Violence

President Museveni

In his latest missive, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the NRM chairperson has warned NRM politicians against bribery, violence, and other election forms of electoral fraud during the party primaries.

“Following the victory of the NRM in 1986, we resolved to end any interference with the right of the People to choose the Party of their choice and the individuals to represent them.

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We, therefore, banned and legislated against: Multiple voting, Bribery, Violence, Gerrymandering the electoral areas (mixing different administrative areas to create artificial Constituencies), Using Sectarianism, Using bad language, Altering results, Keeping the names of the dead on the register, or refusing to register some voters,” President Museveni said.

“Any or a combination of these produces results that are not authentic,” he added.

President Museveni said the leaders who come through fraud or manipulation, do not work to solve the problems of the people because they know that even the next round they will be elected whether the voters are happy or not.

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“The Leaders must kweguya (to be beholden to) the People by doing what they want; otherwise, next time, they will not elect you. If, however, you can be elected whether the People are happy or not, then the people do not matter,” he said.

“Therefore, those office-seekers, who commit the offenses that I have enumerated, are enemies of Uganda and must be defeated,” he said.

Speaking on bribery, Museveni said
a bribe of say sh.300,000 for a 5 years’ kisanja is meaningless for the voter.

“A one-time bribery in 5 years, is a mockery and must be stamped out,” he said.

“Therefore, those in the NRM Primaries that are doing these, are enemies of Uganda whether they know it or not and must stop or will be stopped by the freedom fighters,” Mr. Museveni said.

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