MP Zaake rejects 20M parliamentary Covid fund

MP Francis Zaake

The Member of the 10th Parliament of Uganda for Mityana Municipality and National Coordinator for People Power Youths Uganda Hon. Zaake Francis Butebi has in writing rejected the Ugx 20M allocated by the Parliament of Uganda for each MP to fight Coronavirus pandemic.

In a letter dated 16th April 2020, Zaake wrote to the Speaker of the Parliament Rt. Hon Rebecca Kadagga rejecting the parliament from depositing Ugx 20M on his account, the money he says, it doesn’t have clear justification but also legally and ethically questionable.

According to the Speaker of the Parliament yesterday, parliament has allocated Shs10b to facilitate Parliament and MPs for Covid-19 emergencies adding that the 10bn is part of the Shs304b supplementary budget passed by Parliament last week.

“While appropriating the money in the supplementary budget to different sectors involved in the fight against Covid-19, Shs10b was allocated to Parliament, raising questions in the public.” She added according to Daily Monitor.

“In accordance with the duty of accountability imposed upon me as a leader by National Objective and Directive Policy of State Policy No. XXVI of the 1995 Constution. I hereby, decline to receive the questionable payment mentioned and to express my disapproval of the circumstances from which the same arises as our our country battles the Covid-19 pandemic and its disproportionate effect on citizens.” The letter read in parts.

While appearing on NBS TV, Ms Kadaga said, without giving a breakdown, part of the Shs10b will be used to maintain the ambulances contributed by Parliament and individual MPs, provide fuel and pay allowances for the drivers of the ambulances already released by MPs to help the Covid-19 taskforces at district level.

Kadaga also revealed that there has been calls for expenses on fuel and it had now become a burden to the MPs from their consitituencies. “They came here saying ‘find us some money from Parliamentary budget,” she added.

“I was among the first MPs to donate relief items to families affected by the pandemic, and I remain under enormous pressure from my constituents to help them cope with the extended lockdown, but my values as a leader prohibit me from condoning unethical and potentially illegal financial practices. I will continue sharing with my people the little I have, but without stealing from the public purse.” Zaake revealed on his Facebook Page.

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Zaake vows to return the money in case it is deposited before the reciept of his letter.

“In case it is received after the money has been deposited, I will return the same at the earlier opportunity available.” The letter mentioned last.

Sharing their opinions about the motion:

Massa Goefrey called upon Ugandans, to notice that the executive arm of government is in the center of this covid-19 in as far as expenditure is concerned. So the legislative arm of government is jealous about the huge some of money given to the executive and remember there is already mismanagement of the covid-19 fund in the OPM. So that could be the reason why the MPs are also disguising to be helping their constituencies in sensitizing people about the spread of covid-19. But no one in the whole world is behind the information of this pandemic of coronavirus. At least for once, MPs should get ashamed in dark situations like this of covid-19.

Brian Agaba: This money would have been diverted to buying food, for the poor citizens, other than giving it to the well off MPs who are still getting salaries and allowances, while we have people who are dieing of hunger in the country. I still have d feelings that we don’t have representatives in parliament, but only buntch of people who are after their own interests and families, in the first place where are the opposition MPs, they were supposed to reject that money, and force the parliament to divert money to the poor people other than pocketing it. We don’t have opposition MPs in this parliament, let them don’t come back asking for votes this time around, this was supposed to be th best time for them to act but they didn’t, so what are they going to lie to us this time, they are all useless.

CptOnyango George: Parliament members are real killers taking 20m per person is equal to killing 200 people with out food. Coz 100,000shs can buy food and feed a person in this hard time, and if you are to give 20m these are 200 people ur shld have saved.Meaning MPs hv donated nothing to the task force. They have paid them salves back indirectly.

yona Ibanda: From this day onwards, I have lost even the tiniest ounce of hope I had in Kadaga. Am even here wondering what would happen if we disbanned parliament. Do we really need these MPs? Because clearly they are not representing their constituents as they were entrusted to.

Beatrice Nabumbo-Ihle: In every normal Country in the world, there is sanitäre in hospitals, schools, government offices and all other private sectors, you dont need to wait for covid19 to come and then think of such things. Its a Routine. So, Ugandans wake up dont wait for disaster and start planning, Mps what’s really your work? Waiting for president Museveni to tell you what to do like children in kindertagen, shame.

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