MP Nsereko blasts people power leaders labeling him a spy.

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Kampala central legislator Muhammad Nsereko has blasted people power agents for labeling him as a state spy to Kyadondo East MP Robert kyagulanyi.

People power movement agents recently attacked Nsereko accusing him for asking Bobi wine to contest for presidency in 2026 not in the forthcoming elections in 2021.

It is alleged that Nsereko is linked to the first son Let. Gen. Muhoozi Keinerugaba and the two had a conspiracy to convince Bobi wine to meet president Museveni through Nsereko to agree on a deal for Bobi wine to suspend his presidential bid for 2021 to 2026 which pop music star turned down.


Bobi wine and Nsereko Mohammad

Nsereko has broken the silence on these allegations regarding them as false news and condemned them in the strongest terms.

“Make sure you complete all the fake news and blackmail. Am still fasting the holy month of Ramadhan. Every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to make a name must talk about me falsely or try to excite the public.” MP Nsereko said.

“Thank God, because am valuable, they have time to make forgeries about me. Am busy serving my God. I have no time for haters and short-sighted blackmailers for the sword they use to try to destroy us is the same sword that shall be used on them and their agents.” Nsereko added.

However although Nsereko denies these allegations, it is clear that  his most trusted opposition group The Liberty Foundation leaders met president Museveni at Entebbe state house with his assistance.

Nsereko had no kind words to people to people power agents blasting them like nothing.

“Our success give them ulcers, headache and even stomach upsets. Let me first serve you my almighty God and later I will address these small matters after Ramadhan. They want my endorsement but not through blackmail.” Nsereko remarked.

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