Moses Magogo – Fufa Big League clubs must rebrand

Fufa president Moses Magogo has urged the clubs from Fufa Big League to rebrand themselves in order to fit into the modern trend of football.

Moses Magogo said this while in a consultative meeting between Fufa and Big League League clubs at Fufa House in Mengo on Friday.

According to Magogo, if the clubs rebrand themselves, they will attract more sponsorship deals which will help develop the game in the country.

UPDF FC CEO Ashraf Miiro

“As football, we have failed to realize the potential we have and how best we can tap into sponsorship monies,” Moses Magogo said before adding.

“There are very many teams in the FUFA Big League that can embrace the community sense of belonging because you have huge but dormant fan bases.”

“We need to play the game of numbers because a sponsor doesn’t look at how you spend but rather the value you give.”

“The brand of the Big League is as strong as the clubs and that is what we must do and that is why we insist that instead of giving you the fish, we should give you the net to get more fish,” he added.

Moses Magogo give Fufa Big League playoffs assurance

About the playoffs, Moses Magogo went on to assure the members who attended the meeting that the federation is still studying the conditions in line with the Ministry of Health guidelines.

“We hope that the situation gets better and have these games played. As FUFA, we want promotion to be on sporting grounds and that is why we are still buying more time.”

“However, this will depend on the guidelines given by the Ministry of Health,” he noted.

Nyamityobora FC official Nasifu Dembe putting across his opinion during the meeting

Teams that attended the meeting include Water FC, Kataka FC, Doves All Stars, Bukedea FC, Nyamityobora and Kiboga Young.

Others are Ndejje University FC, Kigezi Home Boyz FC, Paidha Black Angels FC, UPDF FC and Kitara FC.

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