Moses Hassim Magogo – UPL teams reduction proposal critics have selfish interests

The Federation of Uganda Football Association (Fufa) president Moses Hassim Magogo claims that those who criticize UPL teams reduction proposal have selfish interests.

Fufa had proposed a number of reforms that will see the Uganda Premier League reduce the teams from 16 to 12 starting with the 2020/2021 season.

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However, this proposal received many negative criticisms from football fanatics who claim that this will kill the competition in the top flight league.

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Moses Hassim Magogo claims that UPL proposal critics have selfish interests

“We have experience in starting new projects and we don’t fear change. There are some people who are arguing because the changes affect them personally,” Magogo said before adding.

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“But if we want to go forward we shall not focus on individual interests but the bigger picture.”

“There are others who are politicians and disagree with everything we do and are known for that,” he added.

Moses Hassim Magogo went ahead to claim that as Fufa, they have enough experience in handling such changes so that they produce positive outcomes.

Moses Hassim Magogo
According to Magogo, teams like Police FC cannot attract enough fans

“We have experience in handling them and our only trick is to explain to the public, seek their view and sell our views to them because they are usually different from the ordinary ones.”

“So if you don’t sell it to the public you can fail to accomplish your goal.”

“But we’ve done so many things like the introduction of Big League which many people were against but now think it’s a good project.”

Moses Hassim Magogo said that it’s useless to be with 16 teams in the Uganda Premier League when most of them are unable to compete favorably.

According to him, most clubs in the UPL cannot even attract enough fans which is the basic requirement for every football team.

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