Mixed reactions as promoter Abtex exempts his tenants from paying rent over coronavirus

Events promoter Abbey Musinguzi prominently known as Abitex
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Events promoter Abbey Musinguzi prominently known as Abitex has demonstrated his great side after he reported that he has absolved every one of his tenants from paying rent for the following two months over coronavirus outbreak in the whole world.

Abtex through his Facebook Page expressed that he had done this after President Museveni’s directive to close schools, universities, tertiary institutions and most common businesses in Uganda to close for 30 days due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Promoter Abtex added that on top of offering free rent to his tenants, he will also cover their common utility bills in the given period until Uganda is declared coronavirus free.

Mixed reactions from his followers:

Ibrahim Ssekisambu Government should copy people like u who have a kind heart and start helping poor people who are now not going to be working

Hanks Duncans People power our power telikuzikiza vote kyagulanyi Robert Sentamu for president and all people power MPs and others positions only people power MPs and others positions only people power thanks so much.

Simon Mbeetah Since it was an agreement between you and your tenants then it’s better you use the same way to communicate to them because it’s hard for some of us who don’t know them that we can ask them if you really gave them that holiday.

Fortebet Uganda Promoter Abtex

Henry Katamba those are what we call rich landlords but when it comes to these poor landlords of ours the matter worsens whether your sick or not, whether you have lost someone, whether this coronavirus issue u have 2 pay anyway big up on yourself ABTEX DA PROMOTER people power our power

Andrew Kipkosgei But here in kibra and mukuru kwa njenga slums, since 2007/8, some tenants just left their apartments to goons who took advantage of the Post-election violence… I too call them heroes.!

Godfrey Ajuma
 Some of these people inherited properties but if you really sweat and know how hard and expensive it is for one to build haaaa me am going to remove iron sheets in the name of doing renovation if they don’t pay me.

Nuwarinda Aisha I regret not renting on your rentals now I have missed these chance hohohoho these landlords of here have started chasing us hohohoho siffe ababadde nga tetunabba sasula omwezi oguweede😏😏

Namu Alisha So patriotic let’s join hands and fight corona

Nabongo Nasur Webare nyo musaja wakabaka Allah akusasuremu kyosinga okwagara nabalara abalinawoko mulabire kwoyo .

Klinbowy Davie Is it necessary to post such thing on social media okujako okwemulisa stupid obade ovako ki singa obagambye ba tenants bo notapostinga Ku fb, okujjako okwemulisa silly, just know dat awo tokoze kisa Wabula oli mukwelabisa nokweswaza omusajja omukulu.

Fortebet Uganda Promoter Abtex

Abdul Malik Mubiru Láaba okwelabisa, kati otugaamba tukole tutya, those r issues btn u n ur bapangisa. Basseleebbu mutujjeeko amaalo, sibuli kyokoze nti olina okukitugaamba

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