Mesach Semakula – Don’t exhume Paul Kafeero’s body

Mesach Semakula
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Golden Papa Mesach Semakula has shown his dissatisfaction with the decision of fallen hero’s children to exhume his body. Mesach has therefore appealed to the family members to intervene and advise the children to stay away from the late’s property. In addition, he says it is an ugly decision to exhume Kakero’s body because of family and personal interests.

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Briefly, who is Paul Job Kafeero?

Paul Job Kafero is a singer from Uganda. He was born on the 12th of July 1970 and passed on on the 17th of May 2007 at the age of 36. During the time of his career, Paul Job Kafero won some notable awards for example in 2003 and 2004, Kafeero won the PAM award for the best Kadongo Kamu artist.

Mesach Semakula on Kafeero
The late Paul Job Kafeero

Kafeero attended Nkokonjjeru Demonstration Primary school in 1977. He then joined Ngogwe Baskerville Secondary school for his secondary education. Kafeero left his parents’ home because of his mother’s opposition to joining the music industry.

Therefore he went and stayed in the nearby village with his older sister Grace and her husband. In addition, Grace’s husband paid Kafeero’s school fees after his father had abandoned him. However, Kafeero did not finish his secondary because there was no secure source of school fees. He therefore resorted to making bricks as his only source of income and tailoring.

In an interview with Spark TV’s Remy, Mesach Semakula advised the youth to always hard for themselves. This is because the best thing a parent can do for you is to give a chance to live in this world.

“I want to advise all the children to always work hard and plan for their own future. In addition, instead of fighting for their parents’ property. In fact, I wish I had powers to stop this kind of nonsense in society. Therefore I advise people to always write fixed Wills” Mesach Semakula said.

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