Mc Kats: I still have feelings for Fille but it’s business for now not love

Mc Kats back with Mutoni Fille strictly for business. cyclonetimes
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Mc Kats earlier this week reported to the press that he has resumed working with Fille.

“If I can work to promote Shammy K’s music, then why not do it for mama Abi,” Mc Katamba said. Despite the fact that I still have feelings for Fille, I am here to strictly work.

“I will not mix both work and relationships because I am doing this for my daughter Abi,” he added.

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Mc Kats
Mc Kats and his ex-girlfriend Fille Mutoni

Mc Katamba too believes that Mutoni being the mother for his daughter, she deserves the very best out of me.

“This is because I have been in this game for almost six years”, Katamba revealed. Above all, we as cyclone times wish you all the best.

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