Magufuli no longer picks up my calls – Raila Odinga

John Magufuli

Raila Odinga the leader of ODM has revealed to us the deeds of his long time friend John Magufuli. Odinga says Magufuli has been criticized so much over the lax measures against the deadly global coronavirus pandemic. However, every time he attempts to speak to Tanzania’s president John Magufuli, he ignores his calls, and thus he doesn’t pick them up.


Raila Odinga is president Magufuli’s longtime friend thus he confessed to Cyclone Times that he has not been able to speak to him currently.

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In an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Raila Odinga said -: “As a nationalist, he needs to get information from fellow regional leaders… This is a regional issue. Our destiny is tied together. We do not want a situation where any of these countries will have to close their borders. That is why dialogue is the most important thing”.

Kenya’s ODM leader Raila Odinga

Meanwhile, a certain representative from the African Union (AU) sent voicemail messages to President John Magufuli. In addition, giving advice to continuously collaborate with all the other regional leaders in the fight against the deadly coronavirus.

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According to reports, Tanzania is much vulnerable to the deadly coronavirus due to the lax safety measures in there.

Briefly, who is John Magufuli?

John Magufuli
Tanzania’s president John Magufuli

He is an active politician and the current president of Tanzania. John was born on the 29th of October in the year 1959. In addition, he came to power in the year 2015 and he is the chairman of the Southern African Development Community.

However, as Cyclone Times Uganda, we continue to urge all the people in the world to keep a social distancing to help curb the widespread of the virus. Ensure you sanitize regularly after touching certain surfaces and also make sure you avoid touching the soft parts of your body. In addition, these include the eyes, nose, and mouth.

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