Mafia’s tear apart the federation of Uganda medical students association

Federation of Uganda Medical Students' Associations - FUMSA

A dark dense cloud of the burning fire has beheld the Federation of Uganda medical students association. FUMSA this week has seen the office of the president highly criticized and blamed for the Association’s Misfortunes.

The situation has reached a boiling point as the supervisory council to the association decided to suspend the president a KIU medical student Mr. Ssenkinddu William.

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The association has become one of the latest institutions to fall victim to the senseless, self-destructive, and ridiculous cultural tradition of misguided EGOs. The supervisory council, Mr. Mukembo Robert and Kizza Jimmy the biggest critics of the president accuse him of the following but not limited to,

(1) Acting disrespectfully towards board members.

(2) SUPCO also accuses the president of not being a student.

(3) Failure to clear the association debt with IFMSA, the international federation of medical students association.

(4) Failure to chair and call for executive board meetings.

Now all these accusations Mr. William has said are baseless accusations and he goes ahead to show that it is on record that he chaired an execute board meeting on the 21st of April 2020 at 5 pm. If SUPCO wants proof of student status they can always call KIU for such information. It is also on record that Mr. William bailed out the association from a 35 euro membership debt to the IFMSA. So as you read this the association is supposed to pay.

About acting disrespectfully no member to the executive board has yet come out to mention how he/she has at any one point been disrespected by the accused so we are yet to receive any.  Mr. William strongly believes that this whole toxic environment has been going on ever since he got into that office in October last year.

The supervisory board can not or will not inter cooperate with his office for reasons he can not comprehend.  

These folks witch-hunting William is doing just what any devil’s advocate would do. Let’s not forget that FUMSA has no so far ago been implicated in a massive money mishandling.

federation of Uganda medical students association
Federation of Uganda medical students association

It does not surprise me that the names after William are very familiar to me. If you know about the POUSA project then you could see where I am going with this. No one. Not a single person in FUMSA can actually make feasible accountability for this project. Now its time to backlog. And who to carry that cross if not William?.

Federation of Uganda medical students association underestimates the support William has from the essential stakeholders.

In addition, that is the many university medical associations and in the next 48hours, they will be nursing the wounds of their ignorance and arrogance.

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William on the other hand has put up a load of working into this association and what he and his regime have achieved is unmatched.

It is difficult to accept but with all the good Him and his team have put up they still have to answer questions to the mishandling of funds. The most recent being the Denmark IMCC inquiry. Denmark funded the PEDON project on Non-Communicable Diseases. It was a top dollar project that got ravaged by mafias. As we speak.

FUMSA can not access funding from any international body as it has been marked a red zone. How is one supposed to function in such an environment.?.  Now you would ask. How did the money get mishandled without the president’s notice?.

Fair enough here is how. It is deeper than you think. A credible source says that a different account was created by the mafias. (Supervisory council SUPCO) minus the knowledge of the president for the PEDON project.

Let’s also mention the fact that this advisory council was elected by the former executive board. A thing that has never happened before but only happened in this regime.

The association mandates that the SUPCO is appointed by the newly elected power. Now tell me you not smelling what I am smelling. I am smelling a lot of bullshit right now.

The only reason I would leave the office and appoint someone to keep snooping around someone else’s business is if I have something to cover up.

All stakeholders on this Federation of Uganda medical students association need to wake up.

In addition, and see their house is burning and be responsible enough to call the fire brigade if you can’t put out the fire otherwise this FUMSA is moving towards its desolation.

Let’s normalize teaching young children about being responsible, teach them that they can either be a pro-choice or entire consequence. When you choose to embezzle funds that are meant for a greater good you have to take responsibility for such action. Not projecting the blame on another. Dragging another person down for your wrong choices.

This is disgusting and should be loudly disregarded. There is a difference between being accepted and being chosen. Mukembo Robert and Kizza Jimmy these so-called self-proclaimed council supervisors were accepted. Ssenkindu William was chosen. This toxic diametric opposition is tearing up the Federation of Uganda medical students association and the only loser here is going to be FUMSA.

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