Macron and Trump’s ‘friendship tree’ has died

The gift symbolised "ties that bind us" but perhaps maintaining a decaying friendship was too much for the solitary tree. sky news
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It was a gift that symbolized the friendship between two world leaders but now, much like the bond between them, it is no more.

French President Emmanuel Macron gave the young oak to US President Donald Trump during a state visit to Washington DC in April last year.

Photos were published of them planting the tree with gold shovels while their wives watched.

The tree came from Belleau Wood in northern France where almost 2,000 Americans died in June 1918, near the end of World War One.

Mr. Macron had said that the tree and its poignant origins would be “a reminder at the White House of these ties that bind us”.

But a few days later, the tree was pulled from the ground and taken away.

It emerged that, like all living organisms imported into the US, it had to go through quarantine.

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