Lwasa’s saga takes another twist, Full Figure defends him, Stings Diana

Lwasa Emmanuel spills all Dianah Nabatanzi

Presidential advisor Jennifer Full Figure has come to the rescue of Masaka’s businessman Mr. Lwasa Emmanuel after social media in-laws stung him for trying to tarnish BBS TV presenter Diana Nabatanzi’s name…

According to Full Figure, she says that Diana was after Lwasa’s money and never loved him, therefore that’s why she never wanted to give birth…

“I blame Diana for everything that is happening to her… She deliberately refused to give Lwasa a baby yet he was providing everything for her… Lwasa used to tell her that let’s have a baby and she used to say that he is impotent… Refer to Spice Diana and her manager, Roger, they have come a long way… Therefore I advise all young girls out there to love their men unconditionally because that’s what they call true love,” Full Figure lashed Diana bad style.

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Earlier this month, Mr. Lwasa Emmanuel opened up on why he didn’t marry Diana Nabatanzi and married Angel… According to Lwasa, he revealed that Diana was a target worker who couldn’t add anything developmental to him… He also said that she is not the kind of woman of his dreams therefore he could fall into her crazy traps of making him broke.

Meanwhile, he told Angel that if it all doesn’t go well, he will get another woman to suit his future plans… This something that really annoyed all social media in-laws across the different social media networks…

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