Locals cry foul over increased human poisoning

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Residents in Kamuda parish, Kamuda Sub County in Soroti district have decried the increased act of human poisoning in Entandikwa trading center.

According to residents, four people have mysteriously died in a period of just two months.

They suspect that the deceased succumbed to poisoning.

In a security meeting on Wednesday chaired by the LCIII Chairperson Daniel Eigu, that brought together 10 villages, locals complained over the magnitude of the matter.

Locals alleged that some people whose names were not mentioned for security purposes poison people in Kamuda, hence tarnishing the name of the sub county.

The female district councilor representing Kamuda sub county Elizabeth Alumo asked the locals to come out openly and name those involved in the act of poisoning others.

The LCIII Kamuda sub county Daniel Eigu asked the community to come out and give sufficient information to the police and relevant authorities about poisoning in the area for immediate action.

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