Let’s recognise and value domestic work, Kadaga echoes

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The speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has urged government to put in place polices and programms to address the issue of unpaid care and domestic work done by women at home.

In her maiden speech at the 63rd session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations headquarters in New York, which is taking place from 11th -22nd March 2019, Kadaga noted that women would like to see government put in place policies and programmes including legislation to address unpaid care and domestic work.

“We need to have partners in the community so that we can start a conversation about unpaid care work because if you are to go to my village and ask a man, ‘does your wife work?’ he’ll say, ‘she does not work’ but she’s the first to get up and the last to sleep. So, even the concept of what is work within the community is something we need to discuss,” the speaker explained.

Kadaga elucidated that she will undertake to work with women parliamentarians and the Minister in charge of Sustainable Development Goals, Mary Karooro Okurut, to raise consciousness about the issue until it becomes a government policy.

Women in Uganda mostly those in upcountry have continued to suffer with domestic work like cooking, fetching water, collecting firewood among other with out them being helped by there husbands.

With the government coming up with the polices to regulate, this leaves many questions unanswered on whether the policies will be implemented, what will be the outcome among others.

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