Lecturers at Datamine not paid since 2017, resolve to strike

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Lecturers at Datamine technical business school -DTBS have resorted to go for an industrial action after spending 8 months without being paid.

All lecturers under their teaching umbrella Datamine academic staff association – DASA during general meeting on 15 May, 2018 agreed to go to 2 week sit down strike demanding for their salaries and allowances.

Cyclone Times has learnt that lecturers at Datamine have not received their salaries for over 8 months a situation, according to some sources at the institution, resulted into departure of some lecturers and a big drop in students’ population.

“We sat down on Tuesday last week [15 May 2018] and resolved to go to a sit down strike with in a period of two weeks to wait to be paid at least a 3 moths salary, we gave them last week up to last Friday [18 May, 2018], but the administration did not do anything to our welfare, so today we have started our strike, if nothing has been done again, we shall sit and see what to do,” one of the lecturers who sought anonymity told this website.

Lecturers at the institution have also decried extreme poor working conditions saying that the unpleasant situation ranging from academic and staff welfare has affected the quality of service provisions and ultimately frustrated students who trusted the institution for the education needs.

“Our colleagues have left Datamine [technical business school] because of those issues, [unpaid salaries and poor working conditions] only that some of us have some part-time jobs. If you don’t have a side job and you’re not paid for 8 months and beyond, the only option is to let go of this and find something else. This year, we have only received salary for three (3) times, but all that covering arrears of 2017,” another lecturer whose name has been withheld said.

Academic staff members also threatened to drag the institution to courts of law to recover the unpaid labour should the administrators at the institution keep a deaf ear on their demands in the given 2 weeks.

Mr Bakyayita David, the academic staff chairman declined to comment on the matter saying he will talk to us when time comes.

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