LDUs Resume Operations Amid Crime Increase

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The Local Defense Unit personal are set to resume their operations due to the increased crime rate at night after undergoing refresher training which started last month following public criticism over torture and killing citizens during their operations.

“Owing to the withdrawal of Local Defense Forces from active operations to go back for refresher training, the level of criminality has since increased especially at night,” the UPDF spokesperson, Brig. Gen Flavia Byekwaso said.

According to Byekwaso, The move follows a request from several local leaders and the general public to the security leaders to have them back on duty so that they reduce the crime rate.

“Several local leaders and the general public have petitioned the security leaders to re-engage them in order to contain the situation,” she said.

However, she said the Local Defense Unit personal who have undergone and completed training will only be working at night in support of Uganda Police Force to reduce the criminal activities.

“LDUs(Local Defense Units) who have undergone and completed training, resume operations only at night in support of Uganda Police Force to curtail criminal activities,” she said

The LDUs will also participate in intelligence-led limited operations on specific targets request and in support of police and will not enforce any COVID-19 directives during day time.

The Local defence Unit personal stopped their operations last month and have been undergoing a refresher course in human rights and law enforcement procedures which has been undertaken by UPDF and Uganda Police Force instructors.

There are more than 25,000 LDU personal that have been recruited and deployed around the country to beef up security at the local level since 2018

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