Kyambogo University launches sign language dictionary

Kyambogo University sets dates for 2018/2019 private admissions
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Kyambogo University’s faculty of Special Needs and Rehabilitation has launched a Ugandan Sign Language storybook and dictionary. Anna goes to School was authored by Sam Lutalo-Kiingi and Goedele A.M. De Clerck and the sign languages dictionary is titled, Sign Languages of the World.

Prof Elly Katunguka, the vice chancellor, during the launch a few days ago, said this is the first book in a new series titled ‘A Deaf Child’s First Reader’, which aims at supporting deaf children in their education and reading development. Katunguka said the institution focuses on five pillar areas which include; teaching and learning; research, innovation and knowledge generation. “As we celebrate this achievement, the department of Chemistry in conjunction with Indian Trade and Investment for Africa (SITA) also held Global

Leather training last year; the training was intended to empower university staff with leather technology,” he said. Katunguka further explained that the leather training programme had interest in processes and controls from preservation to finishing, international markets and market requirements for different stages of leather sales and environmental controls in leather processing.

“The university strives to promote and enhance research; members of staff are continuously being encouraged and supported to attend and participate in national and international
conferences,” he explained. Information at Kyambogo shows that 54 members staff have benefited from the Makerere-Sweden Bilateral Research Programme (2015-2020) under post-doctorate, PhD and master’s. Also, eight members of staff have been supported to study PhD by African Development Bank (AfDB) and 8 others have equally benefitted from Norwegian government scholarships for PhDs and Master’s programmes.

As the university continues improving staffing, several infrastructure development projects are also ongoing in order to provide a conducive learning environment. These include; Central Virtual library, Technical Teacher Education complex, Multi-Purpose Science Complex and Central Teaching Facility.
“This infrastructure is funded by AfDB to a tune of Shs 87 billion ($25m). This is a milestone; the university has been operating in dilapidated structures.” Katunguka said.

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