Kyambogo University student loses a hand in a strike

A student whose palm smashed by a tear-gas tin in a strike. Courtesy Photo
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A Kyambogo Univesity student has today morning lost his palm in the strike which started as early as 7:45 am, when the tear-gas tin exploded in his palm leaving his hand off.

Kyambogo students got unto university streets striking for the 12 weeks policy of total tuition clearance by all students set by the University or else you register a dead semester.

This policy attracted students to stand-out to fight for their rights, claiming that it’s unfair as most of the students tend to acquire tuition almost at the beginning of the end of semester examinations.

In this strike which has left all the University activities frozen, a student whose names reserved is alleged to have intercepted a teargas tin shot towards the crowds of strikers with intentions of throwing it back to the policemen, hence, exploding into his palm leaving his hand smashed.

A student whose palm smashed by a tear-gas tin

The victim was quickly picked up by the ambulance for medical attention.

This website learned that this student is likely to lose his hand or else get affected with cancer which may result in his early death.


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