Kyambogo electoral commission sets online aptitude Interviews for polling assistants – Apply Now!

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Kyambogo University new electoral commission has set online aptitude test and application(s) for whoever is eyeing to work as a polling assistant during the 2019/2020 guild elections.

The aptitude has been set as the first application and at the same time the interview or test that leads you to step B.

“We came up with this method to eliminate hard copy application submission bribery with receiving the officers”, said the chairman electoral commission Mr. Ojambo Shabil.

Chairman Electoral Commission Mr. Ojambo Shabil.

He added that, the previous electoral commission was dismissed due to allegations of bribery where money amounting to Shs 30,000/- was set for every application.

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The dismissed committee was elected on 30th January, 2019 and dismissed on 15th February 2019.

The applications/test of polling assistants will start at mid night of 22th February, 2019 and end on 26th Fab 2019.

Guild elections are set to take place on 19th March, 2019.


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9 comments on “Kyambogo electoral commission sets online aptitude Interviews for polling assistants – Apply Now!”

  1. Avatar

    I wanted to apply but it has been closes early how sad

    • Avatar
      Mukisa Vicent

      Thanks, keep sharing and following our stories

  2. Avatar

    i love the technology,keep it up

  3. Avatar

    The strive against corruption at the university level. I wish such initiative could be extended to the national system, the country Uganda shall avert corruption instead of promoting it by putting corrupt officials in the name of “anti-corruption collision”. CONGRATULATIONS the brain behind this.

  4. Avatar
    Amanya rostiko

    This is the best method Ive just loved It. Credit goes to the electoral commission.
    Thanks for bringing Change in kyambogo University

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