Kim Kardashian writes to the world about beautiful scenery in Uganda

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Popular television host and fashion star Kim Kardashian who is in Uganda together with her husband Kanye West has in a social media post said there is a heaven in Uganda.

The singer took to social media praising the hospitality of the people and the amazing water bodies and bushes Uganda is endowment.

“Everything is real as soon as you enter this beautiful peaceful country, the air is so fresh, the amazing water bodies and too much green forests and bushes are so relaxing to watch every minute, then the very anxious welcoming beautiful people with real smiles, eagerness to help,” Kardashian posted.

She went ahead to tell the world about the amazing food stuffs being sold on roadsides and different bird species which are so nice to watch.

“The food stuffs u [you] find every minute along side the roads, different species of birds and primates I never saw in my entire life and the freedom and happiness you visibly see on the faces of the people, everything is real in this country,” she added.

The celebrity couple flew into the country on Friday, and currently staying at Chobe Safari Lodge.

The beautiful and amazing Murchison Falls National Park according Kardashian located North west of capital Kampala.

According to available information, Kardashian escorted husband Kanye West who is said to be in Uganda for a video shoot for his eponymous eighth studio album.

Kanye West is expected to work on his ninth album Yandhi while in Uganda.

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3 comments on “Kim Kardashian writes to the world about beautiful scenery in Uganda”

  1. Avatar
    Zheng yuan

    Hope Ugandans benefit from this visit not to show off just , but how can your president m7 give $10million to those people for just a visit

  2. Avatar

    Good message , let’s hope Uganda will benefit from the visit.

  3. Avatar
    Nakisita Marion

    It’s always beautiful to foreigners but never to citizens how can the country be peaceful wen the security agencies involve themsthemselves in crimes ,did you know that two investors where killed in a hotel with the help of the police officials

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