Kendrick Mulamwah quits comedy due to cyberbullying

Kendrick Mulamwah
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Comedian Kendrick Mulamwah quits comedy due to cyberbullying

Comedian Kendrick Mulamwah has decided to quit comedy because of cyberbullying. The funnyman burnt his signature jacket to show the sadness and depression over his departure. The loss of his baby blew his head off therefore he thought leaving this job can give him peace of mind.

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Who is Kendrick Mulamwah?

Mulamwah is a comedian from Kenya. He is a well-registered nurse by profession. However, his original name is David Oyando. Kendrick Mulamwah rocked the Kenyan comedy industry with a unique style that left many Kenyans asking questions. He used social media so much to promote his great talent. Meanwhile, most of the Kenyans know him as comedian Mulamwah in the Kenyan comedy industry.

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Kendrick Mulamwah
Comedian Kendrick Mulamwah quits comedy due to cyberbullying

Kendrick Mulamwah was born in 1993 in the western part of Kenya in a place called Butere, in Kakamega County. Mulamwah pursued a bachelor’s degree in Nursing at Moi University. In addition, he got enough time and freedom to join the comedy clubs he was longing for in order to unveil his talent. Kendrick Mulamwah was a great member of the Christian union, therefore this really helped him to showcase his great talent.  He then met fellow students with the same dreams and thus started acting short skits.

A certain DJ from Eldoret saw the great talent of acting within Kendrick Mulamwah. Therefore he played his part very cool and introduced Kendrick to a group of comedians in Eldoret. The group did like him and recruited him immediately because of his uniqueness when it came to acting. He therefore got Muindi as his new stage name by then. This, therefore, helped Kendrick Mulamwah with some funds to help him survive through the hustles at University.

Mulamwah had a dream of becoming one of the best comedians in the whole of Kenya. However, he was inspired by a few comedians by then, for example, Anthony Njuguna, Nyambane.

In addition, and Red Kona’s Mdomo Baggy and Kajairo. However, just like any other African parent, Kendrick Mulamwah’s father put Education before anything else. Therefore he made sure his son never joined any acting clubs in the school.

Mulamwah’s dream to perform at Churchill’s comedy show came true and this left him super excited. However, besides his excitement, he faced a couple of financial challenges along his comedy journey. But he did not give up so easily, he continued to chase his with a lot of hope.

“I sold off my phone one day to be able to raise the transport fee to head to Nairobi. In addition, to meet Churchill and hmm, just to kinda attend to the auditions,” Kendrick Mulamwah said.

While in Nairobi, he tried auditions several times but did not yield any results. Kendrick Mulamwah almost gave up because of too many unbearable disappointments. However, despite all the challenges this great gentleman faced, he still kept his success at his back of the mind. In addition, that one day he will make it to the top and silence the critics. The video of his actions about high school students was uploaded on the internet. In addition, and guess what, it went so viral thus many people welcoming his piece of great content. Therefore, that is how his career of acting came to life after a very serious hard knock.

But nowhere the sad story comes, Kendrick Mulamwah quits comedy

Oops!! This blew our heads off when we saw this. But here is the thing, Mulamwah has faced millions of challenges in the Kenyan comedy industry. Always in this world, not all people will like what you do, therefore that a small percentage of critics used to troll Mulamwah on social media. This cyberbullying act haunted him so much and reached to extent of hating himself as an individual. Many fans have been criticizing his comedy that it is of a lower level and not that good enough to kill off their boredom.

“Most of the times we use social media to reach out to our fans so easily. That is why we post our videos online. In addition, we have not had a chance to be on TV. However, it hurts so much when you sit home watching people perform your jokes. Therefore they must credit back to us who create this kind of content from, but they don’t do so,” Kendrick Mulamwah posted on his Social media pages.

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