Kampala ‘dormitories’: Where to get affordable housing

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Although some parts of Kirinya, Bweyogerere and Kyaliwajjara have upscale homes which might be a bit costly, the area also has middle class homes, apartment buildings and hotels.

The growth of Kampala, which has led to the development of neighbouring areas that house a number of city dwellers has birthed the term greater Kampala, proving the fact that many of the people who work in Kampala do not reside in the city centre.
Among the many areas proving to be the city’s dormitory include Bulenga, Kireka-Banda, Bweyogerere, Busaabala, Gayaza, Nsanji-Nabingo, and Seeta- Mukono among Many.

Initially traffic could be the biggest hurdle for any person to access Bulenga since one could get stuck around Wakaliga, Nateete and Busega roundabout. But with the newly constructed Northern Bypass, Bulenga is a 34-minute drive from the city centre. Alternatively, one can use Mityana Road which is approximately 14.9kms to Bulenga Trading Centre.
Bulenga has proven to be Kampala’s major dormitory housing a number of people who work in Nateete, Wakaliga, Ndeeba and other parts of the city.

Isaac Tusingwire, a city mechanic who works in Ndeeba and rents in Bulenga, says in Bulenga, one can find a single room at a cost of Shs80,000, utilities included.
He says with transport fares at Shs2,500 on a commuter taxi, Bulenga provides a healthy living environment with noise limited in the trading centre and a green environment unlike some of the heavily polluted, congested areas in Kampala.

Services at a glance
These include established schools such as Light Academy which guarantees access to education for those with families, health centres and markets. The area is also connected to clean water courtesy of National Water and Sewerage Cooperation and access to electricity is guaranteed. For security, the area also has a police post.

Busaabala, which is about 6kms south of Kampala astride the Kampala-Entebbe Highway is another home for city dwellers. Located in Wakiso District, this is the home to One Love Beach owned by singer Bobi Wine.
The place is a complete home for anyone seeking to stay away from the city centre with social amenities such as schools, clinics, places to have fun such as bars and churches in place.

However, even though a number of people are settling in the area, Hasadul Ssempeera, a resident, notes that it would only be favourable for those who own vehicles given the dusty roads that usually become worse when it rains. He says the rains also sometimes cause sewage to spill over to people’s homes which might be a health risk.

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