Journalist brutally murdered while going from work

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Journalist brutally murdered while going back home from his workplace.

On Monday, 4th May 2020, Mohammad Hassan Marjan a Pamoja FM journalist was brutally murdered in Kibra, Makina area while going home from work.  

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“My brother has been working all through Sunday nights as his custom. I am so down and can’t believe it that he has left me in this way. His items were all taken by the unknown assailants” Siyama Ismail the deceased’s sister posted.

Mohammad Hassan Marjan right

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My older brother was brutally murdered this morning. He came home from work. He was an announcer of Pamoja FM and this Ramadan, as in previous years, he spent the whole night in the studios sharing Qaswidas and Khutbas of different sheiks. The reason for his murder is unknown.

“Is it fair to take innocent lives? OR Is it fair to steal innocent people? Is it fair to harvest where you did not sow? Answer me, Is it good? Is it good?” She added.

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