Jose Chameleone, URA conflict over tax for his new car

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Jose Chameleone, URA conflict over tax for his new car. Vocalist Joseph Mayanja moniker Jose Chameleone conflicted with charge implementers from the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) on Sunday evening over cases that he neglected to pay charges for his recently skilled vehicle.

The vehicle referred to, a white Toyota V8 land cruiser, as indicated by sources near Chameleone was talented to him by a South Sudan specialist Achai Wiir after the artist performs at her wedding.

Jose Chameleone, URA conflict over tax for his new car
Jose Chameleone car

In the video that has since circulated around the web. Authorities from the URA blocked Chameleone at the BBS TV workplaces and asked that he furnish them with reports for the vehicle.

Chameleone, in his imposing voice, is berating them to seek the archives at his home after his presentation for the Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, saying that he had not moved with them.

“It is an open occasion, Easter and Jesus rose today. When do you rest? URA, when do you rest? Brace yourself for what I’m about to tell you, we are burnt out on your individuals. You want the reports at my home,” Chameleone saying.

“Would I be able to kindly do the lord’s activity? Would you be able to please sit tight for me to serve the ruler before I serve you? You can’t come to me on an open occasion and begin disclosing to me babble.”

Jose Chameleone, URA conflict

Authorities from the URA, in any case, demand that he presents the archives after his presentation. However, they were not preparing to tail him to his home. Jose Chameleone, URA conflict over tax for his new car.

“I am a requirement official, finish your work and carry the records to us. We won’t tail you,” one of the officials told Chameleone.

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The video has since got with blended responses from the Ugandans via web-based networking media with some accusing Chameleon. Of yelling at the authorization official while others considered how the vehicle. Therefore, he had the option to get an enlistment plate without being cleared by the assessment body.

In conclusion, Chameleone in 2019 communicated enthusiasm for running for the Kampala Mayor position in the 2021 races. He has since announced his faithfulness to the Democratic Party (DP) and endeavored to hold a few meetings.

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