Jjajja Mwaami excites Blogger Ashburg Kato with Brand new Laptops

Jjajja Mwaami

President Museveni alias Jjajja Mwaami through the Secretary-General Kasule Lumumba has gifted NRM new signings. In addition, blogger Ashburg Kato and Ray Superstar with brand new Lenovo Laptops. According to Kato, the laptops will enable them to do the blogging job without any fears and interruptions.

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Not so long ago, Ashburg Kato and his colleague Ray Superstar were the so-called “big fish” in the People Power Movement… Hmm, mbu big fish… Demit… Therefore he started right away spilling all the secret plans of his former party to the NRM members… In addition, he promised never to turn back because he has finally found light in his life and he doesn’t regret making the decision…

Through his social media post, Ashburg Kato thanked Jjajja Mwaami for giving him a brand new laptop and monthly data subscriptions.

Jjajja Mwaami
Jjajja Mwaami representative Balaam hands over the laptops to the NRM bloggers

“THANK YOU JJAJJA 🙏…Two days in the NRM and supporters of president Museveni through Balaam Barugahara have blessed us with brand new laptops and monthly data subscriptions 💪…Now this is what they call ‘Joining the winning team’ 🕺🏋️‍♂️🤸‍♂️. Now let the game of blogging begin.

Thank you President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
Thank you SG Justine Kasule Lumumba

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My question here comes, Isn’t this broad day corruption?

“I say this not because I am not an Ashburg Katto follower, however because of the things that are happening this quickly… Ashburg was blinded with the 5 cows and now Laptops and data… hmm yet people are suffering in the villages… But I don’t want to say much on this,” Dhikusooka Brian…

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Fortebet Uganda