Jacob Oulanyah to represent NRM in Speakership race

Facts! Why is Jacob Oulanyah Causing Panic in the Speaker Chambers?

MP Jacob Oulanyah defeats Rebecca Kadaga as he  is set to represent NRM in the Speakership race tomorrow.

The majority decision was passed by the Central Executive Committee that jointedly decided that Jacob Oulanyah represent the National Resistance Movement in the Speakership race tomorrow.

Implying ten year speaker Rebecca Kadaga is likely to loose control of the house to long time Deputy Jacob Oulanyah if this decision may predict the out come of tomorrow’s elections.

While deciding the Speaker of the Parliament, Members of Parliament are expected to cast votes in favour of any candidate of their choice. Whoever has the majority stand wins the seat.

Basing on the previous polls, there was stiff competition between NRM candidates Rebecca Kadaga and Jacob Oulanyah who were Speaker and Deputy Speake respectively in the previous Parliament.

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However, since they belong to the same political party, only one of them could participate in the Speakership race under the leading party’s ticket.

According to CEC’s decision today, Oulanyah shall be the to represent the National Resistance Movement come tomorrow.

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This doesn’t not mean that Rebecca Kadaga can’t participate in tomorrow’s race as she still has an opportunity to run as an independent candidate since polls indicate a strong support system for from the opposition.

Come tomorrow, members of Parliament will be armed with pens to cast their secret ballot in favour of the candidate of their choice. Keep it locked her as we shall be ready to break the news.

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