Is organic traffic in 2020 dead or alive?

Organic Traffic
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In this article, you will get to know whether organic traffic is dead or alive in the year 2020. I will break down for you the meaning of organic traffic and why your brand needs Search Engine Optimization as a service to surface in the search results. Over the past years, organic traffic has always been at normal until towards the end of 2019 when there arose the COVID-19 pandemic in Wuhan in China.

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This started as a joke as most of the online businesses, for example, blogs, online banking, electronic commerce were moving on smoothly. However, in the year 2020, things are totally different in fact things are upside down.

Let’s take a look a look at blogging, in this case, well-known blogs used to get tonnes and tonnes of organic traffic before COVID-19. However, after the spread of this virus throughout the entire world, organic traffic reduced. But now the question is, why did this traffic reduce, well as we get on with the article, I will share with you all the factors why this traffic almost dropped to zeros from thousands. Now let us get started.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is the opposite of paid traffic. This is traffic whereby people find your brand or website from the search results. Paid traffic refers to site visits generated by paid ads. Now that we know the difference between Organic and paid traffic, let us dig deeper into organic. Every time people go to search engines, for example, Google, Bing, etc and perform any searches of their choices. In addition, and they find your website, we call them organic visitors or organic traffic.

Let us, for instance, look at this search on google “Azzania Nasenya biography”, Cyclone times Uganda surfaces second. However, remember the user did not search for Cyclone Times but searched for “Azzania Nasenya biography“.

Organic Traffic

Therefore this means Cyclone Times Uganda stands a chance of receiving a new visitor through the search results. This is what we refer to as organic traffic. Now let me ask you a question, How many times is your website found through organic traffic? Think about it.

Is organic traffic dead or alive?

Well, the answer is organic traffic is very alive. This is because a billion people are still performing searches on search engines even after COVID-19 taking over the world. Ok yes, maybe there is a reduction but then this a timely thing. Eventually, after COVID-19, people will get back and continue from where they stopped. Therefore I urge all SEO specialists to continue doing SEO for the future. Uhm!! Now a new term has come up here, SEO.

What is SEO?

Awww… IF you have been doing digital marketing, definitely I am very sure you have heard about Search Engine Optimization. However, if you have not, Search Engine Optimization is the process to speed up the way how users find our brands through search Engines. But I am leaving SEO at this, follow the link to know more about it.

How Do I Increase the organic traffic on my website?

Great, I am sure if you have any online business, you are so desperate to force people to find you. Now here is the real deal… I want you to know this before I start giving you tips on how to grow your business through search engines. Search Engine Optimization is a long time business, you have to be patient enough to start getting results. Therefore if you are impatient, then stop wasting your time reading this article, however, before you close your browser, know this… I don’t want you to regret it because you never wanted to wait for a year or months to get your business to the top. Therefore below are the ways to improve or increase your search results through organic traffic.

You must do SEO

As I explained earlier, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The very most beautiful thing about SEO is that it offers permanent results. This is a better strategy to get your business to the top other than you splashing money for adverts all over the internet. It becomes very easy for Search Engine robots to roam your web pages. However, you have to carry out a thorough keyword research analysis. This ensures you get the right keywords for your business to beat your competitors. For more information about search Engine Optimization, follow the link…

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Create a beautiful blog for website or online store

If for instance, you are currently running a tourism business or an online store, you need to create a blog. This is because are a way to drive the target audiences most times. Therefore, if you create a blog page on your website and start publishing amazing content out there about your niche. In addition, this will surely give your articles a lot of visibility in search results hence increase in sales or clients. Blogs also, normally attract huge numbers of people interested in the topics that matter to them most. Therefore if your blog is linked to your online store, Google will perceive your brand relevant hence giving you better rankings in the search results. A quality blog post calls for engagement with the visitors who can then turn into potential customers. Follow this link below to start your own blog

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Learn to be very active on social media.

Rumour has it that you are not present on social media, then you are dead or don’s existed. Blogging is very cool however, you also need to give relevancy to your brand by getting mentions elsewhere. These will in return become backlinks, which gives your brand power over the others. Every time you share your blog post on social media, it gives Google a signal to start ranking your post well in search results. Therefore start engaging your self on all social media platforms to grow your brand further. Follow this article to know how you can increase your Facebook organic traffic.

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Always publish problem-related content

Why know the problems of your business? you need to understand the challenges your clients face. In addition, write blog articles while solving their problems. This will generate for you massive results because you will be answering people’s problems and Google will rank your article higher. In addition, it is because Google likes articles that answer peoples’ problems, that’s why its called search Engine. When people search, they expect to get answers.

Ther are so many ways how you can increase your organic traffic, however, those are the key points… For more information about digital marketing with SEO…

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