Is Kemirembe Ronah Ruranga fit to represent Kazo District? Find the Truth

Is Kemirembe Ronah Ruranga fit to represent Kazo District? Find the Truth

NEWS – As we head closer to the 2021 scientific general elections, the electorates have started questioning some of the candidates whether they are worth representing their views for the next five years in parliament… In this, the people of Kazo district have questioned independent candidate Kemirembe Ronah Ruranga whether she has the potential to represent them come 2021…

Kazo district woman Member of Parliament (MP) race is going to be a tight one as Kemirembe Ronah Ruranga will be in the race with NRM’s flag bearer Jennifer Rwaburibate Muheesi and independent candidate Hon. Molly Nawe Kamukama.

They all contested in the just concluded NRM primaries but lost to Jennifer Rwaburibate Muheesi under unclear circumstances. NRM’s EC boss Dr. Tanga Odoi declared Muheesi as the winner of NRM’s flag bearer for Woman MP Kazo District come 2021… In addition, even after when Ruranga and Hon. Molly petitioned and protested.

However, Kemirembe Ronah Ruranga and Hon. Molly Nawe Kamukama decided to come back as independent candidates to contest against her again.

According to Cyclone Times credible news sources, the competition is between Hon. Molly Nawe Kamukama and Kemirembe Ronah Ruranga.

Briefly, who is Molly Nawe Kamukama?

Molly Nawe Kamukama alias Molly Kamukama is a Ugandan politician and management professional. She serves as the State Minister for Economic Monitoring in the office of the president.

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Is Kemirembe Ronah Ruranga fit to represent Kazo District? Find the Truth

Kamukama was born on the 23rd of August in 1973 in Kiruhura District. She went to Bugarihe Primary School, before joining Kazo Senior Secondary School… In addition, where she obtained her Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) in 1992. Molly then joined Nganwa High School for her Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (U.A.C.E). Biography to be continued in the next article…

Who is Kemirembe Ronah Ruranga?

She Has been an unknown person in Kazo and in the country. She only came to spot light during the Kale Kaihura’s reign as the police chief. Her husband was arrested by Kaihura’s men on ground that he headed a group of people who were killing women in Wakiso and other parts of Uganda. This also led to the arrest of his wife Ronah Rurangwa. She was later released. She however tells the Banya- Kazo that she does not have a man (Husband).

Kemirembe Ronah Ruranga

According to a credible news source, Ruranga has no official home in a district she is contesting in. Therefore this means she only sleeps at her parent’s home in Bulunga subcounty.

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Ruranga seems to be so violent as she has so far fought 4 times. She fought during the NRM primaries and broke the computer. Also, the same source alleges that she has on numerous occasions fought NRM’s flag bearer Muheesi. And recently she knocked her opponent’s car (Muheesi).

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