Is John Blaq dating Angella Katatumba? Find out the truth

John Blaq and Angella Katatumba

News has been circulating all over social media platforms that the African bwe bwe is chewing singer Katatumba Angella’s beans. However, the Cyclone Times-News team has gathered for you the entire truth about the above matter.

Fortebet Uganda

Recently, Joh Blaq split with his management over rumors that he chewed his manager’s wife’s sumbie. Other sources however reported that John Blaq had financial misunderstandings with his management. Therefore he decided to part ways with Black Magic Entertainment and start up a fresh new start.

John Blaq posted a pic of him and Angella Katatumba on his social media handles. However, this called for attention from his beloved fans thinking their one and only African bwoy was after Katatumba’s sumbie…

According to the post, John Blaq captioned it with ” Angella Katatumba bambi tonelabira.
Something hot dropping this Friday 🎶🎶 “.

Fortebet Uganda
John Blaq and Angella Katatumba

Therefore according to the above post, John blaq just lets his fans aware of a new project dropping in on Friday. In addition, he took a pic with Angella because she is his great friend.

Is then John Blaq dating Angella?

Well, we can’t confirm whether the two are dating however if anything pops up, then we shall hook you up immediately. Therefore keep it at Cyclone Times Uganda for all your latest gossip, entertainment news in Uganda.

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