Intimidating NRM/Museveni’s supporters will not help you win

Intimidating NRM/Museveni's supporters will not help you win

Well, the majority of Ugandans, those eligible to vote, and those not eligible have all started doing the count down. Yes, we are left with less than two weeks to the general elections of 14th January 2020, where we shall vote for the next President of Uganda and Members of Parliament who we will give the mandate to lead us for the next 5 years to 2026.

I happen to work with a team of over 30 volunteers whose work is to popularize NRM manifesto, largely online and a few times offline, we are #KisanjaMoja4Museveni and #YouthAgendaUg2021.
NRM is our party therefore our official flag bearer is Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, we are adding a brick onto the securing the future agenda.

nrm I am very sorry about the death of Senyange Zebra - Museveni
President Museveni’s End of Year 2020 Address

A number of times we clarify on myths and do rebuttals on what has been achieved, or not achieved or what will be achieved in the due course. All this work we do it as party cadres and supporters of the party we subscribe to, even when most people think that there is a basket of money where we go and pick. We are simply using even our own data, airtime and transport every day and every time we are to move from one place to another. The cause is that we can have President Museveni getting one last term of office to serve until 2026.

Now, here is the challenge, Uganda is in a malt-party political dispensation or democracy meaning that each person has a right to freely support a candidate of his/her choice as well belong to any political party without being forced. Majority opposition supporters especially NUP (Bobi Wine diehards) and FDC seem not to understand and appreciate this tenet of democracy.

In a normal malti party democracy, people disagree to agree, pursue interests of their political party over interests of a Country, what it will do different, what it has already done or even what the Presidential candidate has done or what they intend to achieve given the number one office. This gives an opportunity for one to decide which party to join or which presidential candidate to support.

These engagements we have hard online and offline with people, especially youth of Wandegeya, Kamwokya, Makindye Ssabagabo, Ntinda, Kiwatule, Arua, Rukungiri, Mbarara, Iganga, Luuka…among other districts and we have won some hearts towards supporting NRM/President Museveni for one more term of office.

Some sections of opposition have decided to send us threats over emails, telephone and on our social media platforms, their intentions could either be to scare us not to convert more youth into NRM or they just feel envy because of what we are doing better than the best.

We would not want to mention all the names of these guys threatening us, we only want to advise them that politics is about interests, strategies and deliverables. There are things that NRM has achieved under President Museveni and these are visible deliverables and off course not all things have been accomplished and some will not still be accomplished in the next 5 Years of office, even if it was Bobi Wine , Katumba Jihn or even PoA in the number one office.

Fortebet Uganda

Abusing, assaulting, bashing NRM/President Museveni’s supporters will not enable opposition to take charge soon, revisit your ways of engagement, convince and pursue us to support your cause and give us more reasons to believe in the cause for change.
This must not be based on tribal or religious sentimental like one of the messages we received from our friend Kabuye. (See snapshot message attached).

January 14th 2021, we shall vote for peace and the way to a secure future, we shall vote Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, a tested and trusted leader.

Let us keep peaceful, not violent. Uganda belongs to all of us.

We forgive all those who are abusing, insulting, bashing us. With hopes that they will understand and appreciate what a malti-party democracy means.

For God & my Country

@AKAMPA Tanbull
[email protected]

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