I Led To the Downfall of Blu3 – Cindy Sanyu reveals

Cindy Sanyu

The King herself Cinderella Sanyu alias Cindy Sanyu has come out to give an insight into what led to the downfall of the once glamorous all girl group Blu3. The group that consisted of Jackie Chandiru, Lilian Mbabazi and Cindy rose to fame in 2004 after winning the Coca-Cola pop stars.

They would go on  to release chart topping songs and cement their place in the industry. Some of their songs included ‘Where you are, Kakana, Hitaji, Burn among others. This group was a household name but later called it quits around 2009.

This was after one of the founding members, Cindy Sanyu decided to pursue a solo career after internal disagreements. She was later replaced with Mya but the group failed to find that spark they had before with Cindy.

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Speaking in a local interview, the Boom party singer talked of how she was the star power and face of the group. This meant that with her walking away, the group’s days were numbered unless they could find an equivalent or superior replacement.

“I was the power and face in the group. We all rode on my influence and replacing me was never gonna be easy. They had to find someone better than me but the person they replaced me with was a bit weaker. Someone like Juliana would have been the better choice.” Cindy Sanyu said.

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After replacing Cindy with Mya, the group released a few songs and soon lost relevance and later disbanded altogether.
Jackie and Lilian also pursued solo careers and got some bit of success but were cut short for different reasons. Cindy on the other hand enjoyed and continues to enjoy a stellar solo career.

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