How to open up a personal, company, school, hotel, NGO or any other business website?

How to open up a personal website
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Have you ever figured out how to open up a personal website for your small business? Don’t worry much, Cyclone Times Uganda brings you a beautiful step by step about how to open up a personal website. In addition, company, school, hotel, NGO and any other business website.

As the world continues to embrace the trend of technology, we must accept to live by that and also push our businesses in whatever category to that level as well.

In the modern business world today, businesses ought to connect to far clients across continents to showcase and or offer a service. The ability to conceal this opportunity must be powered by a computing medium called a Website. Your business website is an integral part of a larger marketing plan. It is therefore important to understand the role it must play.

Your website is usually the cornerstone of any online marketing plan, providing a presence for your business. It’s the online equivalent of owning a high street shop or prominent office. It’s where potential customers, clients, and associates can find and contact you. A company with its domain makes an e-mail more credible and trustworthy rather than generic google addresses.

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Websites give businesses their own unique online identity. Without giving so much boring details, most customers always ask what do I need to have a website for my business? This question is easy for the service provider to explain to a client but the explanation gets confusing to most of the clients. In this article, I explain the requirements one must meet to have a business or personal or NGO and whatever website. At a glance, I highlight the key requirements and later break each one down in details.

Now, I am going to explain each of the above requirements step by step.
In this article, I will refer to web services offered by Interlet Limited an ICT company found in Uganda. Well, they are building a very good reputation on web services as well as media-related services.
Cool, let us push on and get started.

Domain Name

How to open up a personal website
How to open up a personal website – You need a domain name

A domain name is mainly the unique name given to your website on the world of the internet. Domain names are sold at an affordable cost and renewable every after a year or 12 months from the time you paid for it.
Domain names can look like this, or or in reality, we can look at,, www. etc.

In Ugandan currency, these can range between Shs 30,000 – Shs 200,000 or even more depending on the service provider you get.
Interlet Limited offers sales domain names through its hosting web partner Webnet International.

Web Hosting

How to open up a personal website
How to open up a personal website – You need a hosting provider

Web hosting is a service that allows your website to be stored online and be accessible by the people search for it through the domain name.
Without not going deeper in detail, there is just a key few things you must know and ask your service provider about before paying for this service.

These include; web hosting package bandwidth measured in GBs/MBs, disk space also measured in GBs/MBs, emails account for your website where you can create custom business email like (not existing), uptime guarantee and customer support in the period of the website failure.

Well, like domain name, web hosting is also paid for annually or every after 12 months from the time you first made the first payment.
Note: Failure to commit to this your website will automatically shut down or become inaccessible.

Well, service providers normally send you reminders to pay towards the expiration of the service.
Hosting can go for as low as 50,000Ugx to millions depending on the resources your website may require to run efficiently.

Note: It is also essential to think about security when paying for web hosting. You need to know about the SSL certificates and how much they cost per year for your website to be secure and trusted by users.
Interlet Limited sales web hosting space through their hosting web partner webnet international.

Web content

How to open up a personal website
How to open up a personal website, you need content

Web content is the information that goes on the website and given the fact that you the client knows your business better it is always upon you to provide this information. This information can be in the format of the text, images, video, and audio.
Most web development companies will always recommend that a client sends in this information early enough to help in guiding the User Interfaces – UI and to plan for the User Experience – UX.

Web Design & Development Labor Cost

For your website to be designed, developed and hosted you need technical manpower from experience web designer(s) or developer(s).
And the website costing structure is most experience and tedious stage.
Developers can charge depending on the amount of information, complexity of the layout design and functionality of the website. Some websites can at times require the developer to separately buy some services to support your website features and functionality. So, the charge or cost will highly depend on the scope of the work.

In reference to the Ugandan ICT industry, designers/developers can charge starting from Ugx 500,000 for a very basic design to millions of shillings. Of course, clients vary in demands, ability to pay and the complexity of work.
Interlet Limited offers this service with their highly experienced and award-winning team.

Read more about Interlet Limited website design and development services

Note: Don’t just pay for the cheapest package rather pay for the package that fits your demands. Preferring cheaper packages may become expensive in the future when your website can’t do what your business demands.
When the website is done being developed, the developer or design will have to host or put it online for it to be access by other people online.

Maintenance and Sustainability costs

When the website is now online, that is not the end of it. A website is a living thing and it must grow with your business. Some clients have a tendency of acquiring websites and once it goes online, they forget about it. They don’t check whether it is still active, don’t read emails, they don’t update it with new business information and software update. This is very bad. You find a website with the content of 2013 still trending on the home page. This makes you lose credibility from your clients who search about you online.

That being said, once you get a website you must get personnel to take care of it or you can still get in agreement with the web designer/developer to maintain your website and you keep paying him a monthly or annual affordable fee.
Interlet Limited offers a web service maintenance and sustainability plan payable per year or half or quarterly and even per month.
You can always contact them through their support department on Email: or the main email address:
Lastly, you must be aware that the development and hosting costs will vary from the type of a website you want for your business i.e. an e-commerce website, won’t cost the same as a personal website, an NGO website may not cost the same as a video streaming site or news portal.

Interlet offers a web consultancy service, you can reach out to them for guidance before you take a step. Visit their website

The writer is a Senior ICT Consultant, Web Developer and ICT author at Interlet Limited and Cyclone Times.


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