How to install WordPress on your PC 2019

installation of wordpress on your computer 2019 installation of wordpress
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This article intends to show WordPress beginners on how to install WordPress 2019 on their computers. Many students keep wondering how the entire installation process of WordPress on computers is done. The worry is over because this article shows you the entire process on how the process is done for instance.

1.Quick install a local server(Mac: Mamp, PC: XAMPP or WAMP).

2.Create a new database.</4>

If at all you don’t know how to create a database using the above local servers, you can comment in the comment section below. Creating databases is really interesting.

3. Download WordPress from

Extract the files to a new folder under the htdocs folder for those with Xampp for instance.  For wamp server users, extract to the www folder. In other words, make sure you are working within the right folders.

4 Run the wp-admin/install.php and follow instructions to install WordPress.

There are so many CMS’, above all WordPress is the CMS I recommend you to use.

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