How long does SEO take to work for a brand new website?

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Hello, Digital Marketers with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in this article I am going to share with you when SEO can start to work for your fresh website. This is because I receive a lot of questions from different people who want to win some progress from the online space.

Fortebet Uganda How long does SEO take to work

“How long can I start getting results for my SEO effort?” This is the most common question I get from different digital marketers who have invested much in their website. Well, that’s very normal because everyone wants to get quick results as soon as possible.

How long does SEO take to work on a new website?

Well, SEO used to be an easy thing a long time ago but now it’s very competitive because there are a billion blogs out there. In addition, that’s roughly one blog for every seven people and there are other websites on the web therefore that even makes it clearer to you why SEO is very competitive.

How has SEO changed over the years?

Keyword Research

This is one of the key areas or players in the game of SEO. It was not so competitive those days as it is these days because there are billions of websites that are created on a daily basis. People used to focus on five or ten keywords and these would bring in a lot of organic traffic to their websites. However, it a different case right now, websites must at least have about a list of 50-100 keywords or more depending on the site.


Content is something that Google looked up to drive traffic to websites or rank pages. It used to base on how many times your keyword appeared within your content, for instance, keyword distribution or density. This enabled Google to easily crawl down your page for better rankings in the search results. However, Google does not look at the keyword density anymore because they no longer care about the keyword stuffing. This is because Google does not want to ruin the experience of its users and rank low-quality pages over the high-quality pages.

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Therefore now if you are writing the content, it is not about putting that keyword in there because literally Google will know what your content is all about. In addition, even if you don’t have that keyword within your content. Remember when someone types in a search query, they expect to get back answers, therefore if your page appears in the first search results, then believe me Google will rank you high. In conclusion, consider delivering high-quality content if you want to rank higher in the search results.

Therefore How long does it take for someone to rank on google? I guess you are ready for this…

The answer is “It depends”. OMG!!! This is frustrating right… According to Forbes, an average site to start ranking is about five to six months to start seeing results. However, since are so many dependent factors of SEO, there are no specific answers. This is because every industry is different as well. However, even if you are working on releasing super content for your website, and link building, great SEO normally takes about six months or more. Meanwhile, this does not mean that after six months, you rank to the top but at least you will see an improvement in your site traffic. In addition, if you want to see better results, start going for long-tail phrases instead of head terms.

Now here lies the question, how do I ensure my site is awesome to rank higher for particular keywords… I will provide details in my next article…

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