Hope as World Health Organization tests malaria vaccine

Hope as World Health Organization tests malaria vaccine

World Health Organization has so far tested the malaria vaccine, R 21 in three African countries to verify if it is good for general consumption.

Basing on statistics, over 1.7 million doses of the only existing malaria vaccine candidate RTS have been administered to children in the African countries of Ghana, Malawi and Kenya during the 2019 pilot phase.

Over 650,000 children have so far been vaccinated in Ghana, Malawi and Kenya in the past two years informed the World Health Organization this week in preparation for the World Malaria Day celebrations every 25th April.

Basing on Kate O’Brien the director of the Department of Immunization, vaccines and biologicals World Health Organization, the three countries have put up measures to safeguard their children against the deadly tropical disease.

“Ghana, Kenya and Malawi show that existing childhood vaccination platforms can effectively deliver the malaria vaccine to children, some of whom have not been able to access insecticide-treated bed net or other malaria prevention measures,” she informed during her Nairobi issued statement.

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In Burkina Faso, the same vaccine was administered to the children and it has shown a great decline in the number of children who are suffering from malaria.

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“This vaccine may be key to making malaria prevention more equitable and saving more lives,” she further states.

The World Health Organization hopes that the implementation of the vaccine in the first three countries of Kenya, Malawi, and Ghana will motivate other countries in Africa to use the newly discovered vaccine.

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