Hon Kyagulanyi, withdrawing the petition justifies your political gymnastics

Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi-bobi-wine Presidential Candidate 2021
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Well, news reaching me here in Kahengye is that Mr. Bobi Wine has not only withdrawn the petition from the Supreme court but has gone further to threaten to bring the case to public court!

One of the reasons is that Justice Owiny-Dolo worked with President Museveni years ago and therefore Mr Ssentamu would not get justice from this court, this reason is lame! He is just playing political gymnastics on Ugandans.

If he dares to bring his petition to the public court as he claims, I can confidently inform him that he will loose this game and die in his own movie.

This is a clear sign that either he is not being advised by his lawyers or he does not take the advise seriously or his lawyers are misleading him.

He is likely going to regret having joined politics, his political career will go into limbo for wasting court’s, Mr Museveni’s, Electoral Commission and Government’s time.


Let him wait for his crazy bill of damages and costs rising from litigation.

Its too bad that my brother Kyaguranyi has already lost the elections, he will get heavy fines arising from litigation, as well be humiliated by the public court! Deal goes sour! Just after exciting his naive supporters a few days ago that he got an armored car! I would have simply referred them to the tariff act but it would be a wastage of time, let me just simplify it for them. It is only the Government/state that is allowed to import and use armored vehicles in Uganda and that is the Law.

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For how long will Mr Wine play on people’s ignorance? Tell your fun base to go and start working or doing something productive and constrictive, elections are done! Mwebereremu! Mugende mukore ba chali ba Bobi Wine!

For God and My Country Uganda.

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