Hillary Clinton Blasts Trump, Barr and Parts of Mueller Report

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Clinton in New York in April. She said on Wednesday that she has been
“living rent free inside of Donald Trump’s brain.”CreditMike
Coppola/Getty Images


Hillary Clinton in New York in April.
She said on Wednesday that she has been “living rent free inside of
Donald Trump’s brain.”CreditCreditMike Coppola/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton sharply criticized Attorney General William P.
Barr, President Trump, members of the Republican Party and some
findings of the Mueller report on Wednesday night in a wide-ranging
interview in which she warned of continuing Russian efforts to
interfere in United States elections.

Mrs. Clinton appeared on ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ on MSNBC
just hours after the contentious hearing in which Mr. Barr took
questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee on Robert S. Mueller
III’s report. Among the things the 448-page report revealed was Mr.
Trump’s fixattion on targeting Mrs. Clinton as a subject for
further investigation.

“I’m living rent free inside of Donald Trump’s brain, and
it’s not a very nice place to be, I can tell you that,” said Mrs.
Clinton, the former Secretary of State who was defeated by Mr. Trump
in the 2016 election.

“When in doubt, go after me,” she said of the Republican
Party’s strategy. “This is part of their whole technique to
divert attention from what the real story is. The real story is the
Russians interfered in our election. And Trump committed obstruction
of justice. That’s the real story.”

The Mueller report found that there was insufficient evidence to
establish that Mr. Trump or his associates engaged in a criminal
conspiracy with Russia to disrupt the 2016 election, despite numerous
contacts between his campaign and Russians. It also detailed the
president’s efforts to thwart the investigation, and the
investigators examined evidence whether the episodes amounted to
criminal obstruction of justice. Mr. Trump has insisted inaccurately
that the report provided “total exoneration.”

Mr. Barr has faced scrutiny for his handling of the report’s
release, which has intensified since Tuesday when it was disclosed
that Mr. Mueller had written a letter objecting to Mr. Barr’s early
description of the Russia investigation’s conclusions. Following
Wednesday’s hearing, several prominent democrats called Mr. Barr to

I think that the Democrats on the committee did a good job today
in exposing that he is the president’s defense lawyer,” Mrs.
Clinton said of Mr. Barr. “He is not the attorney general of the
United States in the way that he has conducted himself.”

In her television interview, Mrs. Clinton said calling for his
resignation “makes perfect sense,” but warned against allowing
Mr. Barr’s behavior to divert attention from the findings of the
Mueller report.

She called for hearings, but not immediate impeachment proceedings
against Mr. Trump, urging Congress to continue to investigate the

“There’s a lot of important material to be explored, so you
have to do it in a way that creates a narrative,” Mrs. Clinton
said. “What is it you’re finding out? Where does it lead? But
if it leads to the conclusion that this president has committed
high crimes and misdemeanors, that’s what should motivate the
Congress to act.”

Mrs. Clinton, who recently also appeared in a comedy sketch in
which she performed a dramatic reading of the Mueller report, said
that the report had made clear that “the Russians were successful”
in sowing “discord and divisiveness” in the country, and helping
Mr. Trump.

She said she has spoken to several candidates for the Democratic
nomination for president, and has warned them that they could run a
great campaign, win the nomination and lose the 2020 general election
because of foreign influence in it.

Mrs. Clinton then laid out a hypothetical to Ms. Maddow asking her
to imagine a Democratic candidate for president coming on her show
and saying: “China, if you’re listening, why don’t you get
Trump’s tax returns. I’m sure our media would richly reward you.”

“Now, according to the Mueller report, that is not conspiracy
because it’s done right out in the open,” Mrs. Clinton said. The
remark echoed one made by Mr. Trump about Mrs. Clinton’s private
emails during the 2016 campaign: “Russia, if you’re listening, I
hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Mr.
Trump had said.

“If you’re going to let Russia get away with what they did and
are still doing,” Mrs. Clinton continued sarcastically, why not
“have a great power contest and let’s get the Chinese in on the
side of somebody else.”

“Just saying that shows how absurd the situation we find
ourselves in,” she said.

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