Gravity & Spice Diana top list of Singers with NRM party songs – Full list

“I am a non-violent youth” – Gravity Omutujju

Business on different Social media platforms this afternoon came to a standstill after singers Gravity Omutujju and Spice Diana topped the list of the singers with NRM Party songs… The list trending all over social media platforms alleges that these artists were told by Maj General Elly Kayanja to compose songs for the NRM party…

Hmm, earlier this afternoon, singer gravity held a press conference where he denied allegations that did not “EAT”… The singer also however said if an an opportunity came for him to “EAT”, he would not abandon it… This followed after the release of his new hit banger dubbed “Tetwekakasa” which means lets stop violence in the English language.

According to reports, Gravity omutujju crossed to the NRM party and thats why he has started distancing from NUP supporters… Hmm. ka Spice Kaffe Bambi nakko some sources allege that she is yet to release an official song for the NRM party…

Hmm, as usual, social media in-laws never rest, they have immediately whispering to each other… In addition in a move to find a way how they can sting the two singer for “betraying their struggle”.

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Here is the List of the Ugandan artists that have songs with the NRM party…

Here is the List of the Ugandan artists that have songs with the NRM party.

Reaction from social media in-laws

Fatahali Aziiz: “Abayimbi ba Uganda bafu nyoooooo, singa basooka kulwaanirira teeka lya COPYRIGHT bajja kugaggawala than okulya obusente bwa BOSCO”

Princess Mona Molly: “Spice Diana come out and tell us whether the money u spent all this Covid19 era was from there. I wondered why the bodyguards hahaha truth won’t leave anyone out. Welcome to 2021.”

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“I am a non-violent youth” – Gravity Omutujju

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