Government: New laws to protect UK elections and referendums from foreign interference

Hostile states, foreign lobbyists and shadowy third parties may be trying to interfere in UK elections, the government says. sky news
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The government wants to introduce new laws to protect elections and referendums in the UK from the risk of interference by foreign powers.

Announcing the move, the minister for the constitution Kevin Foster MP stated: “There is no evidence that British elections or referendums have been compromised.”

However, he added: “But we need to review and refresh our analogue laws for a digital age, and ensure there are robust safeguards against hostile states, foreign lobbyists and shadowy third parties.”

According to the government’s announcement, the new plans could tackle these potential agents of influence by:

:: Barring people from running for office if found guilty of abusive behaviour;
:: Requiring online election material to clearly state who produced it;
:: Launching a consultation on strengthening laws on foreign donations.

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