“Go me slow, I now have a gun” – Basajjamivulle warns hooligans

NRM's Basajjamivule has secured a gun saying its for personal protection from hooligans who want to attack and harm him.

Former NRM critic turned staunch supporter Basajjamivulle has of recently acquired a pistol as a way to guarantee protection from hooligans who wants to attack and harm him.

“I am now armed and dangerous, they should go me slow. I now have a gun, let anyone attack me at his own risk,” he said.

That is Mivulle’s Pistol he acquired for disciplining the reckless hooligans who want to attack him.

However, Mivulle’s gun has found a strong despise from social media commentators where many said its a fake one.

This is in reference with what Basajjamivulle did when he came out and sneaked into a one Muyindi’s cattle farm in Gayaza – Manyangwa claiming its ownership.

Later, the real owner was found and warned to castrate him if he attempts his farm again.

Here is the rightful owner of the farm in Gayaza – Manyangwa that Basajja Mivule claimed to own. Remember he said that he sold dogs (German Shepherds) then he got the money that helped him to start the farm.

With this history in Ugandans most especially the People Power supporters, it has become hard to believe he owns a gun.

A collection of reactions and comments are so amusing in response to Mivulle’s gun.

Peter Collins: It could be a toy gun. Don’t you remember the cows?

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We have seen many people with guns naye teberaga nga kino. A fool and his money…….? Oyo muliwulira nti yekubye esasi,”Fahad Antony commented.

Bukenya Hakim Heeeeee Uganda enyuma kale, and this animal has gun?

Deo Kaka: Someone said has 3 guns and that he will use them to protect himself, but died with his guns🤣🤣🤣🤣So malicious.

Vicent Kayondo: That pig??????????Okay come to me and I show you how to fight someone with that toy.

Wettala Robert: Kitata had how many but what happened but this man looks like a mature man but…..

Saul Kalyesubula: But is it a real gun kubanga ono twamumanyira mu byakwemulisa?.

Sarah Ndagire: Gino emiyaayu jegitta ba innocent citizens of Uganda Kati ono kafodongo amanyi no kwaata emmundu beebo abamala gakuba amasasi mu Bantu if it’s not a toy pistol 😜😜😜.

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