GNL Zamba and Navio are women – Gravity Omutujju explains why

Gravity Omutujju calls Navio and GNL Zamba women
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GNL Zamba and Navio are women – Gravity explains why and also talks about their Beef.

Apart from me, who else thought women only wear skirts and dresses? Well, Gravity Omutujju has a different way he thinks about the appearance of women, and below is why.

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There has been a hard beef between Uganda’s best rappers that is to say Gravity Omutujju, G.N.L Zamba and Navio with each of these calling oneself the Hiphop King in the country and this looks like its not going to stop soon because all of them keep treating themselves with insolence.

This was all brought again to life by G. N. L Zamba who took his to Instagram and affronted Gravity Omutujju by calling him an “Empty Tin” something that the kidandali rapper didn’t take lightly, he also hit back at the legendary Zamba by calling him an old fashioned rapper who used to sing for the dog’s age people.

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Our team gave our readers a detailed view of that story and you could check our entertainment section and read about how it all started but for today we shall look at how Gravity has continued to keep his fellow rappers having sleepless nights.
Recently Gravity Omutujju released a song entitled “Banyabo” and in this banger, he threw some hard stones at both G.N.L Zamba and styled up rapper Navio and as if that was not enough, in an interview some days back, he has made his words clear as he termed all of them women and when asked why?

He replied, “As for G.N.L Zamba, when you marry a woman and she introduces you to her parents, do you stay at her parent’s home and sleep there or you take her at yours?” he asked his interviewer.
“Zamba Mu Merikaa (Is Zamba American) ?” he asked again to which the interviewer replied saying G.N.L Zamba could have got citizenship in America, therefore, making him one of them.

Rapper GNL Zamba
Rapper GNL Zamba

Gravity Omutujju quickly refuted the interviewer’s answer saying;
“Aaaaaah aaaaaah, he is not American so he should bring back his woman down here in Buganda, I’m not even a Muganda but all I know is when you marry someone, they come to your place and if he can’t do that then he should stop making noise and stay in his things of cooking instead of wandering around.”
Gravity Omutujju or call him Gereson Wabuyi was then asked how the battle or beef between him, GNL, and Navio started to which he was responded saying that the two guys didn’t have any respect for him and that’s why their bliss keeps getting reborn each and every time.

Giving an example about us who keep giving entertainment updates, he said we were not the first people to do that and enlightened this by talking about the legendary Straka beibe (If you were born in the 2000’s I’m sorry ono temumumanyi) who was an entertainment presenter working on the by then-popular WBS TV on a show called the Late Show since it was being held at midnight.

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“G.N.L Zamba failed to understand that music changed and it welcomed dancing, melodies and so if you are to make hits, you should rap (which GNL calls Hip-hop) using beats that are danceable, that is what he (GNL Zamba) failed to do staying with his old dog’s age style.”

It’s at this interval that the presenter asked, ” What type of music or style do you sing?” and Gravity responded making it clear that he does Hip-hop and claimed the throne saying, ” I’m the King of Hip-hop in Uganda, it’s Hip-hop but I sing in different beats, kadongo kamu, Bax raga, and others.”

Gravity Omutujju calls GNL Zamba a woman
Banyabo hit Maker Gravity Omutujju

He was also asked about the time he is planning to retire, and he answered saying he was not even thinking about it but added a task to his head to head foes GNL Zamba and Navio saying they could send him to retirement if each of them made a song and it turned out to be a hit here in Uganda and sounded very nice.

“Navio can never make a hit song again because he failed to identify himself, the rapping style he makes is just not a Ugandan thing.” Gravity replied when he was asked about Navio making nice music again.

Referring to Navio as a woman, he said; “She should make a school and start teaching us English because she (Navio) is very good at English, ” he even turned the tone and started speaking some weird English as he threw more flesh to that point.

We are now eagerly waiting for a reply from both GNL Zamba and Navio but as it looks, Zamba might be quiet to these treatments of insolence after he deleted all posts he used to call Mr. Gereson Wabuyi or Gravity an Empty Tin because indeed a barking dog seldom bites.

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